From the very start, Mike Bass exhibited the leadership and role model traits of a first-born child. Born March 31, 1945, in Ypsilanti, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, to Thomas and Louise Bass, Mike made quite a name for himself in a family that already was blessed with great gifts and skills.

As the son of a medical doctor (Thomas ) and a teacher (Louise), Mike set an example of excellence for his two younger sisters, Leah and Ann, by distinguishing himself in the classroom and on the athletic fields. While at Ypsilanti High School, Mike was a three-sport athlete, earning honors in football, basketball, and track and field. But, it was football that led him to his destiny.

The recipient of a scholarship in 1963 to longtime football power University of Michigan, Mike played on the winning team in the 1965 Rose Bowl. A major in Psychology, he graduated two years later with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Education.

The year 1967 turned out to be doubly rewarding as Mike was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Not realizing the talent they had, the Packers cut Mike, who then was picked up by the Detroit Lions. Two years later, he followed famed Green Bay coach Vince Lombardi to the Washington Redskins, who gave Mike the starting cornerback position after he turned in a stellar performance in training camp. It was a spot that Mike retaineed and in which he flourished until he retired 1976."

Mike & Coach George Allen
Mike achieved his greatest success with the Redskins following Lombardi’s death in 1970. Under coach George Allen, who took over in 1971, Mike made an immediate impression by leading the team in interceptions with eight, ranking second in the NFC, and tying for third overall in the entire NFL.

Mike's Famous Super Bowl Play
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The Redskins won the NFC Championship a year later and played the AFC champion Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII. Although the Redskins lost, 14-7, to allow Miami to finish with an unbeaten season (17-0), Mike returned a fumble by Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian 49 yards for his team’s only touchdown—a play that is still talked about more than 30 years later.

Mike's Career
In 1974, Mike continued his stellar career by earning a spot on the All-NFC Team. Two years later, injuries forced him to retire. But, his 30 career interceptions led to his selection to the 70 Greatest Redskins of All Time in 2002.

After a memorable ten-year NFL career, Mike moved to the Bahamas, where he worked as the owner and operator of his own resort facility for 18 years.

Mike Returns To The U.S.
In 1997, he returned to the U.S., taking a position as a counselor with the University of Florida, where he provided academic counseling services to students and supervised the University’s Academic Support and Institutional Services (OASIS) tutoring program. Five years later, Mike drew on his experience to organize his own consulting firm, KimLou Global, LLC (KimLou), which offers services associated with major real estate acquisition, refinancing and development.

70 Greatest Redskins
In 2002, Mike received his most coveted honor. He was selected as one of the 70 Greatest Redskins of all time.

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Additionally, Mike continues to draw heavy interest for Personal Appearances at autograph sessions and as a motivational speaker.